How to Pick a Spa

  • We can help you pick out a spa that matches your needs and budget. We can connect you with financing, just call 540.869.6772.
  • Consult with us about the best place to place your spa. We can help find the best solution!
  • There’s no need for expensive construction or extra plumbing lines. Some spa models operate on 115 volts, so there may be no need for hard wiring, and electrical hook-up costs are minimized. However, if your situation calls for it, most models can operate on 230 volts as well. Your dealer can help you determine which voltage best suits your needs.
  • Once your spa is delivered, we perform a professional installation and hook-up, fill it up with a garden hose, set the temperature, put in the water care products and train you on the use of your new spa and the water care products and then you can relax in your NEW SPA!