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Meet the Owner

Hello, My name is Leon McCray, and I am the Owner and General Manager of Paradise Spa & Pool Center.  I am originally from Tampa, Florida.  I left Florida in 1976 when I began my military career in the active duty Air Force.  I left active duty in 1984 and began my U.S Civil Service Career, while at the same time continuiing my military career in the Air National Guard.  I retired from both the Air National Guard and U.S. Civil Service in the early part 2000 and began my career in business and real estate shortly thereafter.  While working in the U.S. Civil Service, I was fortunate enough to complete a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees.  I am a born-again believer and an Ordained Pastor.  I am a person of integrity and very customer service oriented.  I believe in being fair and providing the customer with services and products that represent “the best of the best”, with the goal of exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Award Winning Dealer

  • Premier Hot Spring Dealer
  • Recognized for Outstanding Customer Service
  • Customer Service Excellence Award
  • Outstanding Delivery Department
  • Certified Technician Award X2

Expert Delivery Department

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