Easy to Own

Owning A Spa Is Easier Than You Think!

How to pick a spa

  • We can help you pick out a spa that matches your needs and budget. We can connect you with financing, just call 540.869.6772.
  • Consult with us about the best place to place your spa. We can help find the best solution!
  • There’s no need for expensive construction or extra plumbing lines. Some spa models operate on 115 volts, so there may be no need for hard wiring, and electrical hook-up costs are minimized. However, if your situation calls for it, most models can operate on 230 volts as well. Your dealer can help you determine which voltage best suits your needs.
  • Once your spa is delivered, we perform a professional installation and hook-up, fill it up with a garden hose, set the temperature, put in the water care products and train you on the use of your new spa and the water care products and then you can relax in your NEW SPA!

What Are the Health Benefits Of Owning A Spa?

There are three factors at work in a spa: heat, buoyancy and massage. Together, they create a relaxing, soothing experience.

Immersion in hot water raises the body temperature and causes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation. The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight by approximately 90%, which relieves pressure on joints and muscles and creates the relaxing sensation of weightlessness.

The massaging action of a spa is created by sending a mixture of warm water and air through jet nozzles. This “energized” stream of water loosens tight muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.

Of course, a spa offers much more than just a good hydromassage. It’s also your own private retreat that leaves you feeling mentally and emotionally refreshed. Fifteen minutes in the morning can awaken and revive you, and a soak before bedtime can make it easier to drift into a deep, restful sleep. A spa is something you’ll want to experience every day.

The Arthritis Foundation recognizes the beneficial effects of hydromassage on sore muscles, stiff joints, and circulation.

Installation is easy

We can install your spa with ease under each of these conditions:

  • If your deck is ground level or ten feet from the ground
  • If you want a gazebo surrounding your spa
  • If you need a crane, we got one for you!
  • If you want to have your spa installed as a part of your deck where most of it is belowthe surface of your deck, we can help!

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